IHS Convention in Astoria

ASTORIA – The youth of Greek America was seen in abundance at the convention of the International Hellenic Society (IHS) in Astoria.
Established in 1983 as a New York-based organization, IHS has become a global not-for-profit entity, thanks to the efforts of its leaders: President Constantine Gurlakis, Vice President Margarita Skourlis, and Executive Board Member Annoula Dritsas.
With a passion for the Greek- and Cypriot-American communities, these three have created three scholarships – two for current undergraduate and graduate students for tuition, and one for alumni seeking to repay education loans. Other notable Board Members include: Gary Ahladianakis, Chariclia Amanatidis, Basil Boziotis, Paraskevi Lilikas-Mamounas, George Moukas, Maria Nathenas, Jimmy Panagiotou, and Thanasis Petridis.

IHS’ recent Alumni Chapter provides an opportunity for mentoring a new generation of students, and the opportunity for the latter secure jobs and internships.

The April 8-10 Convention began with a Greek Night at Central Next Door, followed by the IHS Dinner at SVL Bar.

IHS members marched in the Greek Parade on Fifth Avenue on the 10th.

The next major event is a scholarship dinner in the fall. Details to follow.

There was a Parade afterparty at Central Lounge.

IHS accepts donations and seeks more volunteers. More information is available at intercollegiatehellenicsociety@gmail.com.