Mitsotakis Says He’s The Answer

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in an interview on CNN, said Greeks have lost faith in SYRIZA and should turn to the Conservatives to “get Greece out of the crisis.”

Mitsotakis has been hammering Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras relentlessly as the government is floundering in talks with international creditors and with polls showing New Democracy has taken a big lead.

Speaking to journalist Paula Newton,  he was confident New Democracy will win the next elections even though his party, while ruling earlier under Antonis Samaras, backed the same austerity measures SYRIZA implemented and for which Mitsotakis is blaming Tsipras.

“I do not know what can trigger next elections. But we are ready and we will win,” he said. He didn’t say what he would do if he wins and the creditors insist on more reforms and austerity.

Mitsotakis stressed that “Greece needs a government that will be in favor of entrepreneurship. A government that will bring economic growth back to Greece” adding that Greece needs foreign investments and no austerity measures, stressing, though, that current government cannot do that.

Mitsotakis told The Washington Post later that he believes that the governing SYRIZA-Independent Greeks coalition may fall soon.

“I don’t think this government coalition will last,” he said. “They could dissolve at any time,” he said, accusing SYRIZA of interfering with the media and judicial system while characterizing the party as incompetent.

“This is a government with zero experience,” he said. “They never ran anything. They’re all sort of leftists who feel very comfortable drinking coffee and dreaming about the revolution. Tsipras deceived the Greek people. He lied left, right and center to get to power.”

But he said he favored some of the proposals being reluctantly forwarded by SYRIZA on orders of the country’s lenders, including privatizations, which he said should be pursued “very aggressively.”

“There are a lot of assets to be sold at reasonable prices,” he said. “… if you really want to attract significant foreign investment, you need to sell off state assets.”