Chris Alahouzos for Mayor

Our official endorsements for candidates seeking political office range from members of our Greek-American community, to politicians in national elections both in Greece and here in the United States. And although our headquarters are based in New York City, we are a newspaper that serves Hellenes in the United States, in Greece, and throughout the world.

For this reason, it is particularly compelling when a Greek-American candidate seeks to lead the city with the highest number of Greeks per capita anywhere in the United States: Tarpon Springs. And for that election, to be held on March 15, we endorse Chris Alahouzos.

That Alahouzos is a Greek-American and that if elected, he would be the first Greek-born mayor (Kalymnos) in that city’s history, is a compelling reason to support him, but one that by itself would not be sufficient. But our support for Mr. Alahouzos extends well beyond his heritage: simply put, we believe he is the best person for the job.

As a Commissioner and Deputy Mayor of Tarpon Springs for several years, Alahouzos has served the community in exemplary fashion. In fact, in this age of mudslinging politics, no accusations have been made – not even false ones let alone true ones – about his character or competence.

Asked why he did not seek election as mayor in the past, Alahouzos explained that although it is officially a part-time job (and with a meager salary), he considers it a full-time responsibility. Having spent 42 years as a manager of a Fortune 500 company, Alahouzos did not want to devote his time to Tarpon Springs only on a part-time basis. But now that he is retired, even though the position of mayor will officially remain part-time, Alahouzos promises to devote full-time attention to addressing concerns of the people of his beloved city.

Moreover, as evidenced by his performance in debates and his answers throughout the campaign, Alahouzos has a detailed answer to virtually any issue presented to him, which demonstrates that he has given the job and what it entails very careful thought.

We do not know a great deal about his opponent, Dr. Frank Di Donato, a chiropractor who was once mayor of the city, and part of the reason is that unlike Alahouzos, Dr. Di Donato does not have a website to articulate his positions on the issues at all, let alone in detail. Moreover, after serving as Tarpon’s Mayor, Di Donato subsequently ran for Commissioner and was defeated – which generally tends to be a referendum on a candidate’s performance in office.

Finally, Alahouzos promises to use his vast business experience to rebuild Tarpon’s economy, to emphasize quality of life for its senior citizens, and to bolster its standing as a national tourist attraction.

We hope he has the chance to do so, and wish him the best of luck.