Trump’s End Will Be An Inglorious One

Donald Trump will destroy himself. and fall with a loud thud. He is increasingly in danger of a derailment. At some point he will make a critical mistake.

There have been other cases of the debasement of American politics, in recent memory from Watergate to the personal adventures of Bill Clinton.

However the Donald Trump phenomenon is unprecedented. This man – step by step, and rung by rung – has managed to lead the politics in the US into the mire.

He even focused on the issue of … hands in this week’s debate. Unimaginable things.

And, unfortunately, his glory has generated jealousy among his fellow candidates who, beginning with Marco Rubio, copied Trump’s recipe of launching personal attacks laced with insults and obscenities.

Do they don’t understand that they are entering Trump’s battlefield of choice, where he is, for the moment, invincible?

They should have left him there standing alone in his deafening monologue. Trump reminds me of Yanis Varoufakis. Not his words, but the narcissism. Narcissus, that mythical person who fell in love with himself when he saw his reflection in the water.

Trump, like Varoufakis, has the power to win over the people. To make them love him. But he loves only himself. That’s why in the end he will betray them.

He is enraged about illegal immigrants. He will expel, he says, 11 million of them. He will build, he shouts, a tall, strong wall on the border and make Mexico pay for it.

On the other hand, he says, off the record, to the New York Times not to worry. He will not impose massive layoffs or build a wall. Those are just things he says to get votes.

And while he attacks illegal immigration it was revealed that he has hired illegal immigrants in his businesses. He defends that by explaining that he does so because he could not find American laborers.

Seriously? Or does he pay a lot less to foreigners than he would have to pay Americans?

The GOP establishment has been late waking up to the danger. But scrambling to finally respond might not work because the people are in an angry mood, enraged at the establishment.

In the end, however, I have no doubt that Trump will destroy himself. That he will fall with a loud thud.

He is increasingly in danger of a derailment. At some point he will make a fatal mistake. Or some deadly revelation will come out.

That will not only eliminate him only from politics, but it will also destroy him economically. He will have lost his credibility with the markets.

Something similar to what happened in Varoufakis.

The problem is that on the other side, things are not so rosy for the Democrats either. Hillary Clinton is in danger of being prosecuted by the authorities over the matter of her e-mails. The situation is that serious.

America deserves better!