A Noble Nobel Due Greek Islanders, Refugee Crisis Volunteers

Επίσκεψη του Προέδρου της Νέας Δημοκρατίας κ. Κυριάκου Μητσοτάκη στη Λέσβο. 08/02/2016

The choice for a Nobel Peace Prize is obvious this time: Greek islanders and volunteers helping save lives and caring for refugees, but they won’t get it.


War-Monger Henry Kissinger has one. War-Perpetuator Barack Obama has one. The European Union, which stands by and lets tragedies happen and turns a blind eye to human rights offenses in Turkey, has one.

So too does the Useless Nations and its one-time Secretary-General, the scandalized Kofi Annan, who haven’t brought conflict resolution to anyone.

It’s the Nobel Peace Prize, which only a handful of times since its inception in 1901 has gone to anyone, or any group, which has done anything to bring peace, albeit briefly, to the main human condition of strife.

The winners for 2016 should be a lock but are likely to be passed over because they have shamed the rest of the world with their valiant efforts to save human beings from real war. They are the residents of Greek islands, particularly Lesbos, who turned out with open hands and hearts to help hundreds of thousands of refugees, most from Syria, who have fled war and survived human traffickers to reach Greece, most on their way to other EU countries that are more prosperous.

Along with volunteers from other countries, and groups such as Sea Watch, it is they who take to the seas off Greece to look for the daily cargo of fear. Sometimes they are blocked by the EU’s Frontex border patrol, which won’t let them rescue people.

They receive little help from the Greek government of Prime Minister and Looney Left leader Alexis Tsipras, who prefers to wage verbal war with the EU over who’s to blame for the crisis that threatens to overrun the bloc.

Every day, while Tsipras plots more deceit and lies he can put on gullible Greeks while beating his own breast, the islanders and volunteers offer food, clothing, shelter, hope and the glimmer of a better life for people running away from a war that should be a stain on the soul of politicians who let it happen.

Now the islanders and volunteers are being pushed as nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize they deserve. Tsipras’ government is backing them because he probably would like to be up on the stage claiming the glory if they win.

The islanders include fishermen at sea who save people, doctors and everyday people who can’t bear to watch the horror unfolding on the shores where dead babies wash up almost at the feet of tourists in the summer.

The British newspaper The Guardian said eminent academics from the universities of Oxford, Princeton, Harvard, Cornell and Copenhagen drafted a submission in favor of awarding the prize to the people of Lesbos, Kos, Chíos, Samos, Rhodes, and Leros.

They almost certainly won’t win or maybe even get serious consideration because the reported competition in a process that’s supposed to be confidential includes a woman who champions the rights of ISIS rape victims, Pope Francis, the Afghan women’s cycling team and, yes, you read it right: Donald Trump, the lover of bombs and walls to keep out immigrants like those landing in Greece.
The islanders and volunteers have already won the hearts and minds of people without a vote, those with enough decency to see real heroism and kindness at work, not the false bravado and Machiavellian machinations of politicians and false idols.

A petition on the website Avaaz, in favor of the nomination quickly amassed 280,000 signatures. The petition read with real deserved praise: “On remote Greek islands, grandmothers have sung terrified little babies to sleep, while teachers, pensioners and students have spent months offering food, shelter, clothing and comfort to refugees who have risked their lives to flee war and terror.”

Truer words were never spoken but how can they stand up to politically safer choices? The Oslo Peace Research Institute, in the city where the Nobels are awarded, predicts that treasonous traitor Edward Snowden, on the run from the United States after leaking information that betrayed his country, is the favorite.

What peace did he bring? But he does bring attention and is, for all the wrong reasons, a Big Name while none of the Greek islanders are.

After him the top prospects are US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Iranian Atomic Energy Organization head Ali Akbar Salehi, for their work in brokering the Iran nuclear deal that one day could see Iran put out the lights in Tel Aviv. That’s how the Nobels work.

All this is just bold talk that goes on every day while more dead babies wash up and more refugees, some with straw-filled fake life preservers sold them by human traffickers known to Turkey from where the journeys to Greece step off, lie at the bottom of the Aegean.

Greece’s shipping tycoons, who control a vast world fleet of ships, aren’t ashamed of the nautical tragedy off the shores of their alleged homeland because they’re profiteers, not patriots, and haven’t sent a vessel to help.

The shameless Tsipras, who accused the EU and the world of shedding “crocodile tears” for the victims and refugees, finally visited Lesbos in November, 2015, sensing a good photo opportunity for self-aggrandizement.

“We were unfortunate enough to see an improvised dinghy as we were heading in, full of refugees,” Tsipras said. “It’s criminal.” But he didn’t stop to help, leaving that to the islanders and volunteers because he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty or his feet wet.



  1. About time Dabilis commented on the response of the Greek people to the flood of migrants that have been descending on their shores. Its a complete turnaround and he owes the Greeks an apology, for his former article, doubting their philanthropy, that as he pointed out, even though its a Greek word, its actually not practiced, by its inventors. My rebuttal to this shameful article was that Greeks are better at personal interactions, by offering help to someone in need, than by contributing to the rip-offs of “non-profits” as is done here in the States. There’s been an avalanche of reports of so many “non-profits” in the media, of their CEOs traveling first class, eating at luxurious restaurants, all at the expense of the “non profit” companies they operate, plus making upwards of half a million dollars in salary. One instance is the Susan G Komen for the cure, that spends billions in marketing itself and paying its executives and less than 10% of its income is devoted to finding a cure for cancer. Of course, if a cure is found, then they would be out of business, so, it doesn’t make any sense. Other “charities” such as UNICEF, March of dimes and so many more are on the same boat, of reaping off its volunteers, enriching their executives. By contrast, the major charity of the Greek Orthodox church in America, the Philoptochos, contributes close to 100% of its proceeds to where it should go. Of course, dabilis is too shallow to internalize this

  2. While we’re on the subject of apologizing for past so called articles that Dabilis wrote, he should apologize to Papandreou, for saying that he “dropped on his knees like a $10.00 hooker” and, besides convincing us that he has personal experience of $10.00 hookers. it did not convince us of his argument, whatever it was. Dabilis should also apologize to Samaras for saying that he “likes the color purple, as in 500 euro notes and the more the better”, insinuating that he is on the take, with no proof. He should also apologize to the city of Athens, for denigrating it and comparing it to other cities that are situated at another part of the world, at better neighborhoods, with less to non-existant constant friction as Athens has experienced. He should also apologize to the Syntagma square water fountain for calling it a ‘dog bowl” not in one article but two and comparing it to the one in Rome, even though Rome’s was built during the heyday of Italian colonialism, when stealing from subject people was the cool thing to do, something that Greece has not experienced. He should apologize to Tsipras, for calling him names, without offering constructive criticism. I’m sure Dabilis would make a great pair to Donald Trump and would compete with him on who utters the most baseless accusations and put downs of others. Finally, he should apologize to the readers of TNH, for his biased articles, that are evident of severe mood swings, that not only mislead readers, but also incenses passions.

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