Greece Coordinates Refugee Mission

Scores of thousands of refugees came to Lesbos on dinghies and boats

Still overwhelmed by an invasion of migrants and refugees, Greece is setting up a special committee to work with volunteers and NGO’s on islands.

Most of the 862,000 migrants have come via Turkey to nearby islands before heading through Greece to other European countries.

The government has mostly left it to human rights organizations to deal with them but Kathimerini said now it will establish a coordinating agency.

Alternate Minister for Immigration Yiannis Mouzalas visited Lesbos on Dec. 23, where he met with authorities and inspected progress on the construction of a registration center.

Mouzalas also met with actress Susan Sarandon, who is on the island helping with rescue efforts and said she will make a documentary of the experience.

Despite the onset of winter, Greece is still taking in 3500-4000 refugees and migrants daily, most heading to Lesbos but thousands have drowned trying to make it.