New Democracy Brings New Hope

New Democracy chief Kyriakos Mitsotakis

A political revolution took place in Greece on December 20.

It was a peaceful, democratic, revolution but powerful. One that offers the first substantial ray of hope for the reconstruction of our homeland.

The Greek voters surprised everybody; both experts and non-experts; they showed up en masse to vote for the new leader of the New Democracy party, as opposed to the absenteeism and protest of recent elections.

They finally took their fate in their own hands; they said ‘that’s enough!’; enough with incompetence – we’ve paid dearly for it!

And they provided a strong momentum to Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Many people realized – the thirty percent who voted for him, and perhaps many more – that Kyriakos was the best candidate – in the sense of being the most competent, the most knowledgeable on the subject of the economy, and not being a demagogue – in fact, by a big margin.

They realized that he is the best hope for a different kind of Greece.

They ignored the old mindset that holds that it would be impossible for him to be elected because his party would not allow him to win. Furthermore, because his last name is Mitsotakis (more about this below).

The voters imposed him on the system. Despite the fact the he came in second, the percentage he received is considerable more than expected, and his distance from the third ranking candidate is so large, that it constitutes a victory.

To be exact, the people upended New Democracy’s landscape. In addition, everything points to the fact that all will be sealed and delivered during the second round elections on January, 10 2016.

Kyriakos is now on his way with the air of a popular leader, with the momentum of a reformer and of an infusion of new blood. That is the type of leader that New Democracy really needs; but also the kind the country needs.
This is why he is expected to triumph.

And such a clear, significant victory will untie his hands within the ranks of his party. This way, he will be able to modernize it, in the context he has announced, and he will also be able to present a reliable, constructive major opposition party that the country needs so desperately.

One more thing: It is clear that Kyriakos’ last name, Mitsotakis, did not cause him any damage, as some people predicted. Instead, it actually helped him.

The reason is that more and more Greeks are realizing that Kyriakos’ father, Constantine Mitsotakis, as prime minister would have prevented the deep economic crisis the people are experiencing over the last five years, had he not been overthrown.

That makes his vindication even greater.

I would also add even that several people see in Kyriakos elements of his father’s personality: the capabilities, the courage, the realism, the straight talk, which so many people reminisce about.

So a beginning was made towards change. A first hope was born.
Maybe this indicates that the country has reached rock-bottom and its upward course is now beginning. Let us hope so.

Of course, it had to pay a dear price first, with the demagogues.