Tsipras Warns Greek Tax Cheats

ATHENS – No one’s been able to rein in big tax cheats in Greece but Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras again said he’ll be the one to do it.

The Radical Left SYRIZA leader, whose threat to “crush the oligarchy” never got off the ground, and who has yet to prosecute a single major tax evader, said they have one last chance to pay up.

That warning came at a Cabinet meeting and after Greek authorities were handed a detailed list of thousands of individuals with suspect deposits by HSBC whistleblower Herve Falciani, who earlier had released data showing 2,062 Greeks had $1.5 billion in secret accounts in the Geneva, Switzerland branch

“We will give them a last chance to present the money and pay their share to the Greek state, without facing the consequences they would sooner or later face,” Tsipras said.

Falciani, convicted in Paris of espionage, compiled a list of suspect Greek depositors that also includes details of money transfers. The list is currently in the hands of corruption prosecutors, who will be investigating possible tax cheats and money launderers.

“These initiatives will continue and there will be a barrage of developments because this is a government with the political will,” Tsipras told his ministers, Kathimerini said.