No More Road Tax Exemptions

ATHENS – Greece is ending exemptions for road taxes in a frantic bid to bring in as much revenue as possible during a crushing economic crisis.

Alternate Finance Minister Tryfon Alexiadis’ plan will force all vehicle owners to pay a levy, adding 100,000 to the tax rolls and ending their exemptions.

The owners of vehicles of with engines from 1400-1600 cubic centimeters now must start paying even though their vehicles emit fewer pollutants. The ministry intends to reduce medium-sized vehicles’ tax as well as that of older vehicles that currently pay a high tax, Kathimerini said, spreading the burden.

Heating oil subsidies will be cut too, reducing beneficiaries from 1.1 million to 700,000 and cutting from 35 cents to 25 cents per liter how much could be received.

The first installment of the benefit will be paid out in January 2016 and the second in May, which means there will be no advance payment as in previous winters