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Friday, August 28, 2015 @ 12:40 PM EDT

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High Tech Pioneer Marina Hatsopoulos Supports Young Greek Entrepreneurs

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From a famed Greek-American family, Marina Hatsopoulos is an investor and high tech entrepreneur and blazing a path for initiative for young Greeks.

White House Diaspora Meeting

White House Meeting With Diaspora Leaders Brought Enthusiasm Tempered With Realism

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The National Herald obtained the perspectives of a number of participants in the meeting of Diaspora leaders with senior White House officials of the Obama Administration to discuss issues relevant

Admiral Stavridis -- first navy admiral to become SACEUR


2 July 2009


MONS, Belgium — Admiral James Stavridis today became NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) assuming command of Allied Command Operations from outgoing SACEUR, General John Craddock.


The change of command, presided over by NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, marks the first time in NATO history that a navy admiral assumes the post since the position was established in 1951 when General Dwight D. Eisenhower became the first SACEUR.  Admiral Stavridis is the sixteenth American officer to hold the prestigious post.


“Today I am lucky enough to find myself standing on the bridge, ready to take the watch; but I know I am not taking the watch alone,” said Admiral Stavridis after assuming command. 

“With me are over seventy thousand shipmates – military and civilian – in three continents from the populated plains and coasts of Europe to the bright blue of the Mediterranean Sea; from the high mountain passes of Afghanistan to the distant Arctic Circle.”

“You stand in a long line of heroes who ‘stood and delivered’ across this continent for decades in both war and peace,” Stavridis continued.  “I honour your service, I pledge my support and loyalty to each of you, and I will continue to strengthen the pillars of our transatlantic bridge as we build new ones. That is my mission, and I will do my best."

SACEUR is responsible to NATO’s Military Committee, the highest military authority in NATO, for the overall direction and conduct of military operations for NATO.  A United States Flag or General officer, SACEUR is dual-hatted as Commander U.S. European Command. His command is exercised from Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) at Casteau, Belgium.

Stavrides: The Accidental Admiral

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Retired Admiral and former NATO chief James Stavrides will give a talk on security in the 21st Century at the Kimisis Church in the Hamptons Aug. 8.


White House Meeting Deemed "A Good Start," Official Thanks Attendees  

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TNH Senior Writer Dean Sirigos reported live from the scene: Vice President Joe Biden, along with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, led a team of administration officials who invited

Beneath the Olive Tree Olympia Dukakis

Dukakis Narrates Film About Cold War Concentration Camps for Women

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NEW YORK – If nobody knows the truth, is it still the truth? Beneath the Olive Tree, the remarkable documentary about the concentration camps for women during and after

ginny pulos

Ginny Pulos: Communicator, Wingmaker

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Ginny Pulos is a third generation Greek-American from Dayton, Ohio who tried her hand in many fields before opening a communications business in New York


La Guardia Upgrade Boon for Astoria

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La Guardia Airport, the bane of many a traveler for many years, will be completely rebuilt by 2021 and is expected to bring benefits to Astoria.

Indian Treaty Room

White House to Host Community Leaders Aug. 6 for Greece Discussions

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In an message of solidarity and support for Greece, the Obama Administration has invited community leaders to a discussion at the White House with senior Administration officials on Aug. 6


Philhellene Peter Vallone, Jr. Running for Queens Civil Court Judge

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Following in his family's footsteps of public service in Astoria, N.Y., Peter Vallone, Jr. has decided to make a bid for the Queens Civil Service judge post.


Jim Fakatselis’ Temple to Astronomy Awes

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Jim Fakatselis, Professor of Astronomy at Queensboro Community college just can't wait each day to get out to his backyard observatory,