Golden Dawn Trial Moved, Delayed

ATHENS – The trial of the 69 members of the ultra-extreme Golden Dawn party, including its leaders, is being moved after residents in the neighborhood where it was to be held complained.

The trial has convened – and adjourned – twice so far at the Korydallos Prison where many of the party’s leaders are being held.

Neighbors said they didn’t want to put with constant clashes between party supporters and anti-fascists who have already squared off with clashes and rising tension.

Justice Minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos said the trial will be moved to the Court of Appeals, where security is expected to be tight.

But the move means the trial, that had been expected to begin in November, 2014, but didn’t start until April this year, won’t resume until September at the soonest.

The party leaders are facing charges of running a criminal gang, using Nazi methodology and assaulting immigrants and other of its perceived enemies, which they have denied.