EOPPY Bills Deemed Suspicious

ATHENS – An audit of Greece’s health care system EOPYY has found that some 25 percent of all expenses submitted by private health clinics may be bogus and should be checked.

Private inspectors said they were suspicious of rampant and unjustifiable overcharging and said that 130 million euros’ worth of expenses submitted by private clinics to EOPYY should be scrutinized. About 430 million euros overall was charged to EOPYY last year.

The report noted thousands of instances of unusual extensions of treatment and re-admissions of patients just a few days after they were discharged.

Already the private clinics in question have been asked to provide explanations for the charges that have been deemed questionable.

Some of the clinics have protested the findings but sources told Kathimerini that even if all the claims are justified, some 70 million euros will remain unaccounted for.

The 430 million euros in charges is 100 million euros over the target set by the government as it tries to cut back expenses during a crushing economic crisis. The government hopes to recover a large chunk under a policy which allows it to reclaim any money paid to the clinics over a set annual ceiling.

Health sector officials described the findings as “impressive” and said they justified the insistence of the Health Ministry’s former leadership on private firms conducting an independent audit of charges being submitted to EOPYY.