Yiali Isle: “World’s Largest Pumice Stone”

Tourists traveling among the Dodecanese islands often stop on Nisyros for a day or two, or even longer, as they consider it a welcome change-of-pace from the comparative hustle-and-bustle or next-door Kos and nearby Rhodes.

But for those who think a visit to the tranquil, idyllic Nisyros is about as secluded as they can get – a short boat ride to Yiali will change their mind soon!

Yiali is a small island off of Nisyros’ coast and belongs to Nisyros. It has large amounts of pumice deposits, which are regularly mined and which are essential to Nisyros’ economy.

Technically, the island is “inhabited” insofar as there are about a dozen residents there – pumice miners, generally.

With the workers mining all day, a small boat that takes a dozen people over can guarantee an entire beach cove for each of them!

After a long, lazy afternoon of swimming, sunning and hiking, Yiali’s visitors can hop back on board and sail back to “the big city,” again, comparatively speaking – Nisyros proper.