Idoniko – the Dramatic Tsipouro/Raki/Tsigoudia

There’s a part of  Northern Greece called Drama – an appropriate name considering many attributes of civilization, including  dramatic  theater, first flourished in Ancient Greece before making its way to the rest of the world.

But Drama – or more specifically, the village of Adriani, where Idoniko tsipouro  is made.

Essentially, tsipouro is ouzo  without the anise flavoring, and it is  alternatively called raki  in the Southern Greek islands – bearing its name from the Turkish counterpart, and tsigoudia in Crete.

Idoniko is as good a commercial TRT (Tsipouro/Raki/Tsigoudia) as any. In fact, chances are if you pick up a bottle for your Greek relatives, some might even admit it’s better than the stuff they distill in their own horio.

Modestly priced and commercially available at most reasonably well-stocked liquor stores, Idoniko is smooth and  considerate (i.e., it rarely reminds you later on of how much of it you drank, unless, of course, you drink an utterly obscene amount.).