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Wednesday, September 17, 2014 @ 09:31 AM EDT

Proud to be a Hyphenated American

By Effie Dimitria Trihas TAMPA, FL – I am one of those proverbial “hyphenated Americans.” A “Greek-American,” to be

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Greek-Americans Back Tillis in Big No. Carolina Senate Race

The hottest political race in the country may be in North Carolina. The battle between incumbent U.S. Senator

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OCL Submits Questions to Bishops on Future of Orthodoxy in America

The following introduction and corresponding questions were submitted by George Karcazes, Executive Committee Member of the Orthodox Christian

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The Greek Secret: Video About “Philotimo” Goes Viral - UPDATED

NEW YORK – The earth is littered with the remains of nations that have had their moment in

Community Church

Police Protection for Salt Lake Liturgies

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