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Sunday, August 02, 2015 @ 22:24 PM EDT
By Constantine S. Sirigos comment

Church in Reading Continues Centennial Celebration

READING, PA – Last year, the parish of Saints Constantin e and Helen in Reading, PA celebrated its 100 th anniversary, and


Technology Whiz Macricostas Gives $1.1M to Sen. Rand Paul GOP Campaign

California technology entrepreneur George Macricostas and Libertarian supporter donated $1.1 million to the campaign of GOP Presidential candidate

By Constantine S. Sirigos comment

Jim Fakatselis’ Temple to Astronomy Awes

Jim Fakatselis, Professor of Astronomy at Queensboro Community college just can't wait each day to get out to

By TNH Staff comment

White House to Host Community Leaders Aug. 6 for Greece Discussions

The first of a series of meetings at the White House regarding Greece will take place on August

Community Church

Archons Conference on Religious Freedom

By The National Herald 1 comment
Archbishop Demetrios of America addressed the 2nd Archon International Conference on Religious Freedom.


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