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Wednesday, May 04, 2016 @ 07:53 AM EDT
By Constantine S. Sirigos comment

It's a Bird ... Plane ... Drone

The basic storyline of Brooklyn Drones NYC is as old as the immigrant experience and the Greek-American dream:

By TNH Staff comment

HEC Focuses on Professional Development

The Hellenic Education Center (HEC) of the St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church of Fall Church, VA is committed

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IHS Convention in Astoria

ASTORIA – The youth of Greek America was seen in abundance at the convention of the International Hellenic


Aretakis' Geometry Adds Up

Stefanos Aretakis, an Assistant Professor of Math at Princeton University, talked with The National Herald about geometry, Greece

Community Church

Archons Conference on Religious Freedom

By The National Herald 1 comment
Archbishop Demetrios of America addressed the 2nd Archon International Conference on Religious Freedom.


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